Binary Bet (DNB) – what it is and how it is played

Binary Bet
September 21, 2022 0 Comments

In this article, we will explain with examples what a draw no bet is and how you can calculate your odds based on the 1×2 market.

Of course, the odds are not as high as in the 1×2 market, but they offer the possibility to get your money back if your bet is not a winner. This is why we believe that two-way bets are extremely practical and useful bets.

In which bookmakers can I play a two-way bet?

Although this market used to be much more saturated in European sportsbooks, we are happy to inform you that even today the vast majority of sportsbooks offer this market.

This is highly commendable for providers in our region, as smaller bookmakers can compete with established European and international providers only with a quality offer of popular sports markets and comparable odds.

Nevertheless, our suggestion for beginners of two-way betting and Asian handicap players is to opt for more well-known European providers such as 1xbet or NoviBet. Simply because they are more competitive and the limits to play are higher.

An example of a two-way bet

An example of a two-way bet

How two-way bets work is best explained with an example. Let’s imagine a match between Arsenal and Chelsea during the Premier League. The odds for this match are set so that there is no favourite, the odds for a home win is 2.40, for an away winner is 2.60 and the odds for a draw are set at 3.20.

Instead of taking a risk and betting on an Arsenal win, which brings you €15 in profit for €10 invested, you can consciously lower the odds and thus the risk of losing the bet with a two-sided bet. The odds for Arsenal’s victory in the bilateral betting market are between 1.80 and 1.85. This means that if Arsenal win, you get around 8 euros for a 10 euro bet.

Due to the fact that with lower odds you protect your bet against a draw, betting on the two-way betting market has proven to be a perfect and smart way to bet.

Alternatives to two-way bets

If for any reason you decide to place bets at a bookmaker that does not offer a two-way betting market, you can still place bets that are very similar to two-way betting. Some of them are:

Asian handicap on line 0 (AH0)

It’s hard to overstate how popular and important the Asian handicap is in the modern world of sports betting. In a nutshell, this betting market is currently the most popular and most played market in the world. In one of our articles, they explained in detail what the Asian handicap is, what its lines are and how it works. If you are interested in this topic, we suggest you read it.

The advantage of playing the Asian Handicap on the 0 line is that the odds are usually higher than in the two-way betting market. This is due to sportsbooks setting lower margins in the Asian Handicap market as many more people play it. The downside of this tactic is that smaller sportsbooks do not have an Asian handicap in their offer. so if you want to play it you will need to register with one of the international online sportsbooks.

Designing a two-way bet

Designing a two-way bet

If you do not have the opportunity to play in the two-way betting and/or Asian handicap market, you can create this type of bet yourself.

Place a bet on one team to win first, then place an additional bet on a draw. However, do not deposit the same amount for both bets, but use this formula:

In our previous example, the odds for an Arsenal win were set at 2.40 and the odds for a draw were set at 3.20. If you want to bet 10 euros, then calculate as follows: Divide the selected amount (10 euros) between the bet for a draw (3.20), which is a good 3 euros, and with the remainder, just under 7 euros, place a bet for the victory of the home team. If the home team wins, you are in profit of a good 6 euros, but in case of a tie, you get your investment back.


The two-way bet is one of the more conservative sports betting methods for players who don’t want to take too much risk. We think this betting market is great for both beginners and punters who like to bet on the underdogs. Besides, who wouldn’t like to get their money back if the bet doesn’t win. After all, a lot of football matches end in a draw, don’t they?

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