How to make money with bets?

make money with bets
August 24, 2022 0 Comments

90% of people who bet lose money! Maybe you didn’t know, but according to some verified research, a large number of people who bet on sports events end up in the red at the end of the year. Although this fact is verified, the sports betting industry is growing and developing year by year. So when one player loses money at the bookies and decides not to play anymore, there are at least two new players queuing up to play.

What is really the cause of such disastrous results? What is the reason that most sports bettors lose while most online and local sportsbooks win? Is it possible that there is no universal formula that shows how to make money from betting?

Not enough money for betting and not knowing how to manage it

It is incredibly difficult to explain how important it is for players to have a certain amount of money to use specifically for sports betting and to know how to manage it. One moment of weakness can lead to the loss of money in the account or even its complete destruction, and therefore it is very important to know how to manage your betting money.

The most common reason why someone goes bankrupt with sports betting is not because of bad selection of points, but because of the bad management of the money they invest in sports betting. The reality is inexorable – there are many talented tipsters who can consistently predict, but few who know how to manage their money well.

It is not possible to make money from betting if you bet 5 euros on one match and then 40 euros on the next. Never bet beyond your betting limit either. The accepted theory is that you shouldn’t bet more than 1% to 5% of your total betting money on a single bet.

Another reason that can lead you to bankruptcy is doubling your bets after a loss or a win. In fact, this is a common mistake made by inexperienced bettors; despite precautions, they find themselves in the middle of unreasonable bets, drunk with an easy win or angry with several consecutive losses. Even experienced players can get confused and make such a mistake.

If you have ever read articles on the Internet or books with tips on how to win at betting, then in absolutely every article and book you have come across a section about managing your finances. Management of financial resources for betting or, popularly, money management, is one of the most important things in sports betting.

Betting on the wrong events

Betting on the wrong events

The fact that online sports bettors bet the most on football and basketball and on popular American sports is nothing new. But if you ask any professional bettor, they will tell you that these sports are the hardest to make a long-term profit.

That is why many professional bettors are constantly looking for alternative sports and betting markets in order to succeed in the long term at online sportsbooks. Currently, one of the fast developing sports is e-sports, where interesting and profitable bets can be found on every event.

Lack of knowledge

Many sports bettors do not distinguish between knowing a sport well and knowing how to bet on that sport. Just because someone is able to name the starting line-up of every team in the Premier League does not in any way mean that person is able to make money in sports betting. What beginners do not understand in sports betting is the fact that they are actually playing against other bettors who spend hours analyzing weaknesses, trends, injuries, suspensions and betting approaches. It is precisely these people who create the market with their deposits and move the odds in a certain direction in sportsbooks.

So, if you want to be a professional sports bettor but don’t have the time to devote most of your day to it, then it might be better to seek advice from professional tipsters. These tips can be free or paid, but in sports betting, the rule that more expensive is better does not apply. Our advice is to follow tipsters and their work for some time before you decide to invest your money based on their bets. Quality tipsters are consistently transparent when they win and when they lose, while dishonest and fraudulent ones operate differently.

Bets on matches that are being watched on TV

Bets on matches

A large number of bookies feel that they have a betting advantage if the match is televised. This is generally a delusion, because matches that are broadcast on national television have the most balanced odds and lines, because all bookmakers get the most payouts precisely for these matches.

If you do decide to bet on televised matches, make sure that these bets are about half the price of your normal bets. This is one of the secret tricks of professional players, because they mostly bet on matches that are “under the radar” and are watched by few people.

Avoid casino games when you are bored

Nowadays, almost every online sportsbook offers online casino games to players on their site. Although online casino is an industry and playing various such games can in principle be a profitable business, it is rare to find a person who is equally successful as a sports bettor and casino player.

We have seen many times how a solid sports bettor wastes all the profit he makes for the weekend on casino games during the week, simply because he is bored and has no match to place a bet on.


As you can see, being a profitable sports bettor and consistently making money at the bookmaker is not easy. It takes a little talent, a lot of discipline and a little luck. As long as you manage to make a winning mix of these three elements, we are sure that you will enjoy sports betting and continuously generate profits.

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