6 best VPN to access 1xbet 2022: how to access 1xBet from Latvia?

VPN to access 1xbet
November 23, 2022 0 Comments

You must have noticed that 1XBET cannot be accessed from all countries. Don’t worry; By using a 1xBet optimized VPN, you can bypass these restrictions.

One of the well-known Russian totalizator sites for players is 1xBet.

However, due to historical inconsistencies and contradictions, individuals began to worry about their online security and privacy when using certain websites.

The site is also geo-restricted, so it may be banned in your country. However, using a reliable VPN in 1xBet will always be beneficial.

However, finding a reliable VPN service can be difficult given the wide range of services offered by online bookmakers such as 1xBet.

That’s why we’re here to help. This post will cover the top six VPNs with reliable zero-logs policies and fast geo-blocking.

The best VPNs for 1xBet

Here is a quick list of the six best VPNs to access 1xBet in Latvia:

  • NordVPN,
  • surfshark,
  • Atlas VPN,
  • ExpressVPN,
  • Private Internet Access,
  • IPVanish.


There are several reasons why NordVPN deserves to be at the top of our 1xBet best VPN list.

You may already know about this VPN provider’s reputation as a fantastic VPN for value 1xBet, but it’s more than that.

In fact, it’s so amazing that NordVPN has more features than any other VPN provider you’ll ever come across.

It’s true that the company could provide a little more anonymity if it increased the number of servers it owns, but that doesn’t detract from its value.

NordVPN boasts 5,200 servers spread across 60 different countries, is operated by Panama, and has a strict zero-log policy.



Despite being less known and established than most other VPNs, Surfshark has quickly become a top-tier rival VPN for 1xBet.

Undoubtedly, Surfshark VPN has fewer VPN servers than some of its better-known competitors, but it more than makes up for it with strong security features and fast speeds.

Since the British Virgin Islands doesn’t have any surveillance-sharing agreements with other countries, we think it’s a good thing that this VPN is headquartered there.

Although the British Virgin Islands are part of the United Kingdom, they are governed by different laws than the United Kingdom and do not have laws requiring the retention of personal data.

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN, another VPN for 1xBet, offers a wide collection of privacy features and basic VPN features that puts it on par with other important VPNs available today.

VPNs are made even more attractive by high bandwidth caps for free users and unlimited simultaneous device connections for paid customers.

While we didn’t appreciate some of its odd design choices and strange behavior, we wish the VPN provider would conduct an independent assessment of its infrastructure and operating procedures.

In fact, NordVPN’s parent company recently acquired Atlas, so we expect a quick update to the functionality and overall quality of the service.


In 2020, ExpressVPN (a great VPN for 1xBet) has surpassed the competition with excellent speed and a reputation for security and reliability.

Its reader-friendly layout makes it a good choice for beginners learning about VPNs.

In addition, cross-platform compatibility extends its value to a wider range of customers.

ExpressVPN’s extensive privacy policy expressly opposes keeping any records of customers’ personally identifiable information.

Including other VPN providers, it also collects maintenance-related information, such as the total amount of data transferred, servers selected by users, software versions installed by users, and duration of server connections.

Private Internet Access

The reliable VPN for 1xBet Private Internet Access (known as PIA) has a strong online security feature.

In addition, PIA provides additional services such as browser extensions and ad blocking. It offers a wide range of VPN applications for both desktop and mobile operating systems.

In addition, it supports Firefox, Chrome and Opera browser extensions.

Every PIA VPN software has a competitive kill switch. In case the VPN connection accidentally disconnects, the program limits the traffic.

This ensures that the VPN tunnel continues to encrypt and protect all internet traffic. Three settings are available: Off, Automatic and Always.



An increasingly popular VPN for 1xBet consumers is IPVanish. It offers comparable speeds, unlimited simultaneous connections on multiple devices, and enhanced online privacy.

In addition, IPVanish provides more than 1,600 servers in 75 different countries around the world.

It boasts one of the most aesthetically pleasing user interfaces compared to its competitors, encouraging users to dig in and understand the basics of the technology.

In addition, IPVanish offers customers who are unfamiliar with VPN services a customizable and customizable choice.

The VPN service has collected more than 40,000 IP addresses. Although using multiple IP addresses provides faster speeds, it is not more secure.

How to access 1xbet from Latvia or anywhere else in the world?

Unfortunately, 1xBet, like most online bookmakers, is geographically restricted, so you cannot open an account or access your account from certain states or countries.

And it could be very upsetting for visitors who find that they are unable to bet on 1xBet.

However, a virtual private network (VPN) is here to help, which is great. A VPN encrypts the traffic to your website and passes it through an intermediate server.

The best aspect about them is that you can choose the location of the server so that you can easily access geo-restricted materials.

In fact, if you use a VPN service, your IP address will be hidden and changed to the IP address of the country of your choice.

You can visit 1xBet as usual when you are connected to a VPN service. However, not all VPN services work with 1xBet.

As a result, use one of the six VPN services listed above.

Before using a VPN, remember to check that you are not breaking any local or national regulations when visiting 1xBet.

After verification, you can access the well-known gaming site 1xBet by masking your location with a reliable VPN service.

First, choose a reliable VPN for 1xBet from the list above (we recommend NordVPN). The next step is to delete all cookies and open the VPN client.

Then choose a suitable VPN server region where 1xBet is not blocked. Finally, sign in to your account and start playing as usual.

Why use a VPN for 1xBET?

As we have already discussed, the 1xBet website is quite controversial, so it is always advisable to connect to a VPN to protect your anonymity if you want to use it.

It is extremely important to use a VPN every time you browse 1xBet for various additional reasons. Of course, if you can’t even access the site, privacy isn’t your top priority.

You will need a VPN service if you try to visit the site in one of the many countries where 1xBet is banned, including the US, UK, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Israel, Italy and Burkina Faso. Faso to mention a few.

Although there are many VPN companies on the market, we recommend using one of the VPNs listed above.

This is so that these VPN providers can both protect your data and bypass geo-restrictions.

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